A bit early for cosmos

21st September 2010

Last weekend (19th), we went to Maruka-kogen (Takikawa) to see some cosmos flowers. As the cosmos flowers in our neighbourhood are already in full bloom, we expected to see a beautiful carpet of flowers, but were a bit disappointed as there were still lots of buds and not enough flowers. Moreover, we were also looking forward to walking about on the hills, but due to foot and mouth disease outbreaks in other parts of Japan, we were not allowed to walk in the meadows. One good thing was that we saw beautiful sun light just before sunset. The sun hid behind small clouds and a beautiful so-called Jacob's ladder appeared. We were on the observatory deck at the top of the hill and enjoyed this dramatic light so much (and took a few photos, of course!).
On this day, I shot half a roll of TMY, and one roll each of EKTAR and ACROS. I have got to do some more developing soon!