Back from Shakotan!
09th June 2010
We (my family and I) spent last weekend in Shakotan. I shot eight rolls of film, did lots of walking and got a couple of nasty insect bites. Oh yes, we really enjoyed fantastic seafood there, too!


Two photos were added to the Landscape & waterscape (colour) gallery
04th June 2010
Two photographs titled "Board walk in early spring" and "Lake" were added to the Landscape & waterscape (colour) gallery.
Three photos were added to the Traditional Japan gallery.
27th May 2010
The tree photographs titled "Breeze through the bamboo forest", "Buddha and Dragons" and "Old tree over the temple wall" were added to the Traditional Japan gallery.
Foggy evening
26th May 2010
Last Monday, while I was relaxing at home, I suddenly noticed it was getting really foggy outside. It was about half past six, so I knew it would be fairly bright (for photography) for 30 minutes or so. I decided to go outside to take some photos, just grabbed my hassy with 80mm and a couple of rolls of film and jumped into the car. I drove to a kind of park area near my house (just 2-3 min drive), and started shooting. It was getting foggier and foggier and darker and darker, but I was quite sure that I would be able to capture some special atmosphere in the thick fog.

22nd May 2010
Finally kicked off my site properly! Not enough contents yet though...
23rd April 2010
I have finally started creating my own photography website! It is more time consuming than I thought, but it is fun (so far at least)!!